Audiobook full length | Grimms’ Fairy Tales


Audiobooks full length | Grimms’ Fairy Tales
Author: Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm
Production by Filipe Lemos, 2020.

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This audiobook is based on the Librivox Public Domain Audio Recording published by The Project Guttenberg.
The background music was performed by Pictures of the Floating World published in Creative Commons license @

#01 The Golden Bird 00:15:50 read by Chris Vee
#02 Hans in Luck 00:16:29 read by Steve Andersen
#03 Jorinda and Jorindel 00:07:19 read by Randy Phillips
#04 The Travelling Musicians 00:08:46 read by Kara Shallenberg
#05 Old Sultan 00:05:00 read by billyuno
#06 The Straw, the Coal, and the Bean 00:02:51 read by wedschild
#07 Briar Rose 00:08:30 read by rfrancis
#08 The Dog and the Sparrow 00:07:56 read by Betsie Bush
#09 The Twelve Dancing Princesses 00:09:51 read by Harvba
#10 The Fisherman and his Wife 00:14:57 read by Steve Andersen
#11 The Willow-Wren and the Bear 00:07:36 read by Vlooi
#12 The Frog Prince 00:07:24 read by Kara Shallenberg
#13 The Cat and Mouse in Partnership 00:05:27 read by Scott Splavec
#14 The Goose Girl 00:13:58 read by Kara Shallenberg
#15 The Adventures of Chanticleer and Partlet 00:12:13 read by Chris Vee
#16 Rapunzel 00:08:48 read by Sherry
#17 Fundevogel 00:05:13 read by Scott Splavec
#18 The Valiant Little Tailor 00:18:00 read by Mark Bradford
#19 Hansel and Gretel 00:21:12 read by Bill Stackpole
#20 The Mouse, The Bird, and The Sausage 00:04:31 read by Kara Shallenberg
#21 Mother Holle 00:09:09 read by Gesine
#22 Little Red-Cap 00:07:46 read by rfrancis
#23 The Robber Bridegroom 00:11:11 read by Gesine
#24 Tom Thumb 00:16:08 read by Chris Vee
#25 Rumpelstiltskin 00:07:45 read by Paula Berinstein
#26 Clever Gretel 00:05:52 read by Betsie Bush
#27 The Old Man and His Grandson 00:01:40 read by Dave
#28 The Little Peasant 00:10:50 read by Scott Splavec
#29 Frederick and Catherine 00:09:45 read by Sam Lipten
#30 Sweetheart Roland 00:11:01 read by Gesine
#31 Snowdrop 00:16:40 read by Gesine
#32 The Pink 00:11:25 read by Chip
#33 Clever Elsie 00:07:58 read by Chris Goringe
#34 The Miser in the Bush 00:07:49 read by pkolter
#35 Ashputtel 00:14:02 read by Quentin
#36 The White Snake 00:08:54 read by Quentin
#37 The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids 00:07:20 read by Kara Shallenberg
#38 The Queen Bee 00:04:50 read by jskinner
#39 The Elves and the Shoemaker 00:04:45 read by Sean Randall
#40 The Juniper Tree 00:17:16 read by Brad Bush
#41 The Turnip 00:07:34 read by pkolter
#42 Clever Hans 00:06:34 read by Quentin
#43 The Three Languages 00:06:23 read by Jon Ingram
#44 The Fox and The Cat 00:02:32 read by Osmia
#45 The Four Clever Brothers 00:08:14 read by Kristen McQuillin
#46 Lily and The Lion 00:14:07 read by Marlo Dianne
#47 The Fox and the Horse 00:03:27 read by pkolter
#48 The Blue Light 00:10:59 read by Peter Yearsley
#49 The Raven 00:20:14 read by Dennis
#50 The Golden Goose 00:10:11 read by Sherry
#51 The Water of Life 00:18:09 read by Jon Ingram
#52 The Twelve Huntsmen 00:07:12 read by Peter Yearsley
#53 The King of The Golden Mountain 00:13:17 read by Martin
#54 Doctor Knowall 00:04:18 read by Kristen McQuillin
#55 The Seven Ravens 00:07:14 read by Dennis
#56 The Wedding of Mrs Fox 00:04:56 read by billyuno
#57 The Salad 00:14:39 read by Chris Vee
#58 The Story of The Youth… 00:19:40 read by Kristen McQuillin
#59 King Grisly-Beard 00:11:16 read by Chris Vee
#60 Iron Hans 00:16:27 read by Chris Goringe
#61 Cat-skin 00:12:08 read by Betsie Bush
#62 Snow White and Rose Red 00:16:22 read by Steve Andersen

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